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 GM Application: SnowBreezy (Lindsay)

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PostSubject: GM Application: SnowBreezy (Lindsay)   Thu Nov 26, 2009 10:32 pm

Name: Lindsay

IGN: SnowBreezy

Age: 15

Location/Timezone: Dallas, Texas (Central Time)

1. I believe I should be chosen as a GM, because I am very friendly, could bring more people into the server, keep the server under control, and make things fun and lively!

2. Do you have any experience in being a Game Master? I have been a Game Master in one other server, TriForce MS, but the server was shut down.

3. How often do you play SodaMS? and how long are you on for? I have just began playing SodaMS, and plan on playing after 5:00 pm (Central Time) for as long as I possibly can. (Until my weird parents make me stop xD)

4. If someone was hacking or was arguing over something, how would you solve it? I Would try to lighten the situation, shed some light on the subject to the involved players, and give an alternative. I would also do this, without bending the rules in SodaMS. To solve the hacking problem, I would ask witnesses about what was going on, and if he is guilty. Then, I would ask them what they're opinion is on the matter. Lastly, I would ban them if all fingers are proven towards them. If there are no witnesses, I will probably end up going undercover, and waiting til I see some suspicious stuff. xD I would make sure I took a quality screenshot to prove guilty with evidence, and ban the character. Very Happy

A little bit about yourself: I live in Dallas, Texas. I have one little brother and two annoying parents. My favorite television shows are Modern Family, Dexter, Degrassi, The Office, Parks and Recreation, and The Community. I enjoy playing tennis, hanging out with my friends, watching the television, and getting involved in my church and community.
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GM Application: SnowBreezy (Lindsay)
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