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 NeverGiveUp's GM application

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PostSubject: NeverGiveUp's GM application   Tue Dec 15, 2009 5:18 am

Real Name & IGN: Elton Tan (real) & NeverGiveUp (in-game).

Age: 13 .

Location & Timezone: Singapore (location) & +8 GMT .

Why do you think you have what it takes to be a GM (all answers should be found below):
I want to become a GM because I will be able to help more than I can being an average player. This server is already awesome, and I would like to help with it inside the game and help other players as much as I can so everyone will be able to enjoy the community even further. But GM's and players are not much different other than the helping bit.
I can help further the server by bringing more people and helping inside the game, as difficult as it may be. If I don't get chosen, I won’t plead or be extremely sad over it. I'll just get over it, move on and help others as much as I can as a player. GM Status is for those who have the required skill and right mindset. There's not much to improve the actual server itself other than bring in as much people as possible. I would be willing to advertise this MS’s name through chatrooms, other forums, e-mailing friends, advertising on other private servers (even if it means getting kicked off it, because this is the friendliest server I have ever played), and putting it on myspace, facebook, Love of, and all those other glorious sites with thousands of visitors a day.
I would never do anything to hurt anyone or the server, or the site and its community. By helping in-game means of as much as possible of current GM level. Since by application, we usually only get intern, so I will answer all questions as best as possible and helping with server misunderstanding. (like fights between Gm's and players, or players against players.)
I may not be on every single day because of my studies, but when I am on during the Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I will at least play 2 hours and to the most, 6 hours.
I know what it takes to be a GM like example “I will give out a few warnings to the person. If he/she does not stop their unexcused actions, I will talk with another GM for their punishment, since I am still a bit new at punishment estimating. But my line of thinking would be either Jail for about 20 minutes or just leave the area. Since I do not want to cause any unnecessary problems.”, “If I saw a hacker, then at all means, I will ban him/her as hacking is equals to cheating. It wouldn’t be fun if everyone cheats, so what’s the point of creating the server for?”
I will not use my powers for spoiling favorite players (since there will be no favorites). I will not use my powers to help or advertise hackers or hacking tools (which I would never do in the first place). I will not use my powers to excessively harass players. I will not jail, ban, ip ban, teleport, or follow a player/GM/admin without reason. I will host small entertaining events if allowed, following as listed: Jump quests, True or False , and hide and seek.
I will vote every single day after 12 hours have passed. For hackers, I will scare them with my RAWR!! No I'm joking. To prevent hackers, I will be quick to ip ban them so the habit doesn't spread, or give any information on hacking tools. Before I ban I will make sure I am positive it is a hacker so there are not any complications. Other than that, I'm not sure there is any other way to prevent them. There will always be a hacker trying to cheat on servers, we just have to be quick to ban then before the habit spreads.
As you know, I am not new to Private servers. But after I get to know this private server, explore towns and figure out npc usage, and keep memorizing the commands, I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. I've got the most basic commands down such as, !warp !warphere !say !id !dc !spawn !ban reason . I've got those down by my heart.

Any experience in being GM?: I have not been a GM on any other server, though I would like this to be my first.
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NeverGiveUp's GM application
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