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 LoveForever GM Application

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PostSubject: LoveForever GM Application   Mon Nov 30, 2009 12:06 am

Name: Tony

IGN: LoveForever

Age: 15

Location/Timezone: Detroit, Michigan / EDT

1. Why do you think we should choose you as a Game Master?
I think that you should choose me as a Game Master because I'm friends with most GMs, i can speak Spanish a bit ,so i can help players that don't speak much English, I enjoy helping people, I am kind to all, I am vary mature for my age, and i have a lot of event ideas that i think would pull through well
2. Do you have any experience in being a Game Master?
I Do not have any Game Master experience, but I have been looking at Game Master commands and I.D codes. So i have some kind of idea being a Game Master.
3. How often do you play SodaMS? and how long are you on for?
Track me i'm online 75% of the time :]
4. If someone was hacking or was arguing over something, how would you solve it?
if someone was hacking, I would make sure the person was hacking first, and when i am sure that person was hacking i would ban them.
If some people were arguing over something I would solve it by talking to them in separate jails, hear both sides of the story, and resolve the problem. :]
A little bit about yourself: well when i was in fourth grade i have really got into music so i started to play an instrument called Clarinet, i have got really good at this instrument but wanted to explore other instruments. Over the years i have learned how to play Sax, Piano, Bass Clarinet, and Guitar <3

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LoveForever GM Application
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