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 IP Unban (Possibly Account)

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PostSubject: IP Unban (Possibly Account)   Wed Mar 10, 2010 8:08 am

I am a person who makes a lot of jokes, a dumb joke (and first time ever use of hacks) got me banned, I've played many private servers, and this was one I liked, a friend sent me a trainer Blue Rose or something, I deleted it already, she said I could get to 200 in 10min so I tried it... I made a new char a Wind Archer, I just want my NL back it's RBed and I spent many hours on it... I know I shouldn't have hacked, and I know I actually deserve this ban, but I was upset when I thought I had to make a new account, and now I'm crying knowing I lost my NL AND I'm IP banned, Tom said I might get my IP unbanned but probably not my account, but I really want my account... I won't hack again, and I never have before this... I know I deserved it, but I'm just really upset..

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PostSubject: Re: IP Unban (Possibly Account)   Wed Mar 10, 2010 8:34 am

It was my fault, I saw her hacking, gave her a warning and she made a joke that pissed me off. So...the warning still counts, but everyone deserves a second chance no?

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PostSubject: Re: IP Unban (Possibly Account)   Wed Mar 10, 2010 5:48 pm

never intimidate a GM with hacks.
it's not funny.
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PostSubject: Re: IP Unban (Possibly Account)   

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IP Unban (Possibly Account)
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