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 SodaMS v75 Starting Guide!

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PostSubject: SodaMS v75 Starting Guide!   Tue Mar 09, 2010 10:09 am

SodaMS v75 Starting Guide

Server Rates; Experience Rate: 100x, Meso Rate: 20x, Drop Rate: 5x, Version: v.75

Table of Contents

1. Installation...
2. Getting Started...

1. Register
2. Creating a Character

3. Useful...

1. NPCs
2. Commands

4. Other Information?

1. Voting

There are a couple of things that are needed before you can start playing SodaMS v0,75.
Here they are :
- MapleStory version 75.

Full Client -

Client(2 parts) :
Part 1 -
Part 2 -

- SodaMS client.

Get it from here -

Please make sure that you make a separate destination folder. You may of played other private servers before coming to SodaMS.

After installing all you need to do...

1. Download the SodaMS v0.75 client
2. After downloading, drag the SodaMS v0.75 client into the folder that you have just installed/moved.
3. Create a shortcut for the SodaMS v0.75 client.
4. Place the 'SodaMS v0.75' shortcut on your desktop.
Congratulation, you're done installing SodaMS.

Getting Started

After installing SodaMS... Next step is registering (you won't be able to play until you have a registered account).


In order to register an account, go to this link.

It will ask you to :
1. Create a username. (The account name you log in with)
2. Create a password. (Your password for the account)
3. Retype your password. (Confirm the password for your account)
4. Provide a Email address. (You need to confirm that this account is yours, just incase it's been stolen or the password has been changed) Type it twice.
5. Type in your birthdate. (You need it in case you want to to delete your characters)
6. Proof that you are human. (In case you are a machine or a program, so prove that you aren't)
7. Mathematic question. (Prove that you are not dumb?! o.0)
8. Type the two words. (You just need it for security)
9. Tick Agree and read Terms and Conditions. (This is needed for you to prove that you agree with the terms and conditions)

After providing this information click... 'Register' and you are Registered.
A next page will come up confirming that your account has been created.

Finally! You're able to play, start up SodaMS, and we'll head to the next step.

Creating a Character

1. Start up SodaMS, and wait till you get into the login screen.
2. Input your information and click "Log in"
3. Create a pin code and enter it twice after registering it. than lick "Next".
4. You'll get to a page where it shows the different worlds, in this case with have one, "Scania" select it.
5. You're now at a page that shows a list of channels, select any channel. (1-3)
6. You are now at the Select a Character screen. Choose "Create a Character"
7. Customize your character if you want, you'll be able to do this later in-game.
8. Create a name, and click "Check." It will tell you if the name is available or not.
9. Once you find a name that is available, click "OK"

You do not have to 'Roll the Dice,' once you log in your stats are automatically set to 4.

Now that everything is over. You can now begin and play the game.

Things that are going to help you.

The command @help. Type it to check all the commands.
This command list is a bunch of other commands with a short description of what they do.

1. @str/dex/luk/int amount - Inserts AP without clicking. (Example; @dex 20)
2. @apreset - Resets your AP. (You must have 5mils, but the command won't use it)
3. @expfix - Fixes your negative EXP.
4. @achievements - Shows all the achievemens you earner.
6. @buynx - Purchase NX cash in any amount.
7. @checkstats - Checks your current stats.
8. @emo - Kills yourself.
9. @cygnusrb - Rebirths if you are Cygnus Knight. (You must have lvl 200)
10. @goto - Warps you to a map specified.
11. @kin - Changes hair, eyes, skin, eyes & hair collor.(Free of charge and you can do it at any lvl)
12. @myap - checks current ability points.
13. @rebirth - Rebirths regular job.
14. @save - Saves your character information.
15. @skillmaxer - Maxes all skills including 4th job.(You must have lvl 120+)
17. @agent - Opens up Agent El, the Universal Warper and Job Advencement.
18. @aio - Opens up Lolo, the All-In-One Store.

Other Information?

The players and every member + administrator and GM's are really friendly and helpfull. . . If you need any help ask any of them.
Obey The RULES!!!!
Vote for SodaMS everyday!

Voting (Thanks to Felicity)

Remember to vote every 24 hours!

Multi-Client & Window Mode

After the update of V0.75 SodaMS you can Multi-Client with SodaMS. It's fairly easy to do.
All you really have to do is just keep clicking on the SodaMS.exe.
Usually I Window Mode when using multiple clients, so unless you want 5 Full Screen MapleStorys, you should Window Mode.
To Window Mode in v75, get to the main screen, or whatever screen. Press Alt + Enter.
If you go to options in game, you'll see a setting that allows to switch between Full Screen, and Window Mode.
After successfully opening one client, you can then proceed to open the next.
Just Alt + Tab, if you've Full Screened and proceed to opening another SodaMS.exe
Or just simply find it on your desktop, if you're using Window Mode.


The downloads section link is download section.
You only need to download...
ONE file from the "SodaMS Game Client" section and ONE file from the "MapleStory v75 Download" section.

SodaMS Game Client
You need these in order to connect to SodaMS. This is the file that you put into your Soda v75 folder. And preferably your desktop.
There's no difference between these two files, they're just different websites to download from. Just download ONE of them.


MapleStory v75 Download
Download both of these. (Part 1) (Part 2)
Extract Part 1 onto your desktop, then extract Part 2's files into Part 1.

Or download Full Client.

Corrupt Files

Character.wz -
Map.wz -
Sound.wz -


D3m0nicSoul(Kevin) for creating SodaMS.
All of the GM's and moderators for making the server a better place.
And for all the players that are making SodaMS community grow.

Thank you all!

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PostSubject: Re: SodaMS v75 Starting Guide!   Tue Mar 09, 2010 11:08 am

Very nice! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: SodaMS v75 Starting Guide!   Tue Mar 09, 2010 11:39 am

Not finished yet Smile Busy at the moment Very Happy But thank you
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PostSubject: Re: SodaMS v75 Starting Guide!   

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SodaMS v75 Starting Guide!
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