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 GM Application Tina

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PostSubject: GM Application Tina   Thu Nov 26, 2009 1:05 pm

Name:Tina-Lisa-Laura Heinisch



Location/Timezone:Germany (GMT+1)

1. Why do you think we should choose you as a Game Master?
Im nice,helpfull, often online,and i dont give out with no reason

2. Do you have any experience in being a Game Master?
I was a gm on 3 servers before and on sodams v62 already

3. How often do you play SodaMS? and how long are you on for?
6-7hours sometimes just 3 or 4 hours because of school

4. If someone was hacking or was arguing over something, how would you solve it?
I would spy him till i got a screenshot or a video of him(if i were a gm) if im not a gm i would call a gm or make a screenshot first for proof and post it,well and if some1 arguing about gms or the server i would try to ask with him to stop and if he dont do ima make a screenshot and post it

A little bit about yourself:
Well my name is Tina,im 18 years old, im from germany,im very nice and helpfull ^^ i try to help whereever i can,im single

Well this is my apllication hope u enjoy it =)
Cya Around ~~Tina~~

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PostSubject: Re: GM Application Tina   Fri Nov 27, 2009 12:42 pm

Expand on #4 you only answered the first part. What about arguing, we need a protector against Arguing as well as Hacking, which you cant hack on v75 anyways so the hacking question is kinda just a personality test now.

Don't repost just edit this one. Smile

Good Luck!
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GM Application Tina
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