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 How to raise Assassin Class...

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PostSubject: How to raise Assassin Class...   Sun Feb 21, 2010 6:59 am

MM... this part is when i raised Assassin class... when i was in the actual server... I considered this skill tree really good... so.. hope you use this if you are in the real server... stilll, anyways.;; hope it's helpful...

Roge: Lucky seven(3) -> Nimble body(3) -> Keen Eyes(Cool -> Lucky Seven(20) -> Nimble body(20) -> Disorder(3) -> Dark site(10)

Assassin: Javelin mastery(5) -> Javelin Booster(6) -> critical throw(30) -> Haste(30) -> Endure(3) -> Drain(30) -> Javelin mastery(20) -> Javelin booster(20) -> Use sp whereever you want from here..

Hermit: Avenger(1) -> Shadow partner(30) -> Avenger(5) -> Flash Jump(20) -> Avenger(20) -> Alchemist(20) -> Meso Up(20) -> Shadow meso or Shadow web, either one mastered or divide porpotionally...

Night Lord: Triple throw(1) -> Shadow Javelin(1) -> Venom(1) -> Triple Throw(20 or master) -> Venom & Shadow Shift divide sp 2:1 every time gain sp -> Venom(30), ShadowShifter(20) -> Click any skills you want after this...

Well... this is pretty much what I know how to lvl the fastest... Hope this helped you..;;
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PostSubject: Re: How to raise Assassin Class...   Sun Feb 21, 2010 9:56 am

really nice guide!
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PostSubject: Re: How to raise Assassin Class...   Sun Feb 21, 2010 12:07 pm

I think your thing made a smiley face. LOL

Awesomness! -sin person-
definetely gonna use this one the most Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: How to raise Assassin Class...   Mon Feb 22, 2010 6:01 pm

Nice guide =) Keep up the good work.

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PostSubject: Re: How to raise Assassin Class...   

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How to raise Assassin Class...
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