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 Is Yagami Light in DeathNote Just...?

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PostSubject: Is Yagami Light in DeathNote Just...?   Wed Feb 17, 2010 8:52 am

In order to reduce crimes... it is... however considering life.. It's not... For me... I'm Yagami's side.. not L,Lawleit's side... Justice is what that can be kept by power... dictatorship can't... well it might... but i gives too much pain to everyone... crime is what that is harming others... especially in liberty way... others should never interfere in other's freedom of doing something... Thus... I think death can be a penalty when someone did a crime (well.. depends on whether the crime is heavy or not.....) Thank you for reading... oh, please tell me your opinions...^^ll
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PostSubject: Re: Is Yagami Light in DeathNote Just...?   Wed Feb 17, 2010 9:58 am

Everyone has a different perception of justice, and it all depends on your values and norms. You say justice is safeguarded by power, yet a dictatorship might not be worthy enough to keep justice? First of all, what is a dictatorship? If I recall, Light wanted to be in sole total control on a global scale. That is dictatorship. I agree crime hurts people, both physically, mentally, and economically. Death is a good penalty for heavy crimes, since the human conception of death is still a mystery. Though, we're just, in a way, relieving them of their punishment. Say, for example, someone in the U.S. decides to execute a coup d'etat via a force made of citizens for selfish reasons. They may have been prepared to die the moment they took up arms against the government. Perhaps their thought of mind is that their death will be some sort of symbol to the country. Thus, once they become suppressed and executed, we're just playing into their hands, in a way. In my personal opinion, letting them suffer a long painful life would be far more effective than death. They get to think about their actions, and the HARSH punishment will have them wishing for a death that won't come any time soon. The human mind and body have limits. Let's go to and a bit beyond those limits :].
L, my favorite character Very Happy, had a different conception of justice than Light. Both would benefit some powerful organization in the end. For L, systematic power would prevail. As for Light, him and his co-conspirators would benefit. But eh, let's just enjoy the anime Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Is Yagami Light in DeathNote Just...?   Wed Feb 17, 2010 1:25 pm

I agree with alan, mainly because i don't want to type a whole paragraph like him.

But other than that, he's right. Why let someone who's done a crime affecting others die a swift and less painful death. Let them suffer for what they've done, such as karma. Light in my prospective is a pretty logical guy, but it's the power that's gotten to him. Suddenly he's become the villian while others called him heroes who destroys the evil. He not only killed villians but risked innocent ones, such as his girlfriend. He's murdered detectives and others who tried to stop Kira. I guess it's those "you win some you lose some" moments, but Light thought he was really saving the world. It's kind of like how Hitler thought he was taking away the weakest and annoyest race, Jews. Power gets to ya and corrupts you. Notice how Light get extremely more insane about what he does, devisin plans, thinking things out, and even killing his father (D:), all to save his position. He wanted to maintain being Kira.
L ,<3, IS SO AWESOMEE -FAINTS-. He too is my favorite character. He's just so smart.. ;-; Why'd he have to diee. :c ...
But i do agree with you eli, i think there is a limit to the type of crime they do...i mean murder is worth the suffering of a life time, but i dont think stealing something is a big deal..

Great, i wrote a whole paragraph in the end. :c
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Join date : 2010-01-11
Age : 26
Location : Korea

PostSubject: Re: Is Yagami Light in DeathNote Just...?   Wed Feb 17, 2010 7:25 pm

I like your logics Ryuujin, Reason I only like Yagami's way is becuase the overall crime decreased.. and I consider human freedom and happiness the priority... so.. basically I think like that... Also I like Jinx's addditional logics, exampling with Evil&Hero.. ^^ thank you both for opening your opinion..
I'm stilll waiting for other's opinions.. ^^ feel free to show you opinion...
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PostSubject: Re: Is Yagami Light in DeathNote Just...?   

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Is Yagami Light in DeathNote Just...?
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