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 kidonite's gm application [edited]

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PostSubject: kidonite's gm application [edited]   Fri Nov 27, 2009 11:02 am

You should choose me as a gm because i play by the rules will be glad to help and i really am happy to be on sodams. i am very well with others and i can really help out on soda.
to now i do not have any experience as a game master but i am willing to learn everything
i play for sure every weekend and when i have time usually i am on for about 2 hours but sometimes less and some more.
if someone was hacking i would try to find some evidence and ask some poeple. another thing i would do would be create another player and find out if they were hacking. if people were arguing i would see what it was about then find a way to solve it. for instance if they took an item dropped for another player and some one took it i would see if they did and then i would first get the item for the player and tell the other player to drop.
I an currently in 7th grade i play soda, i play sports, i am an a honor student, and i like to help others. also i like to play with rubiks cubes and magics and all of those things(and yes i can solve them). I play by the rules and i am a helpful person. I ike to play soda and i am willing to learn anything .i like to play and have fun.i am very kind and can speak 3 languages even though i dont think people speak chinese i can and i understand some spanish and of course english
anything else?just ask if you have anymore questions

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kidonite's gm application [edited]
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